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Two Rivers Gallery Artisan Fair - Price List

Being a member of the online Two Rivers Gallery Artisan Fair, I will be offering my hooks at craft fair prices in December to locals from Prince George, BC! If you see a hook you are interested in, feel free to contact me directly through e-mail or Facebook and a pick-up or delivery time in PG will be set up. I also offer shipping if you live a bit out of town.

All Hooks are packaged on a board with information. Makes for a great gift!


Frog: 25$ (iron, black); 30$ (bronze)

Turtle: 25$ (iron, black); 30$ (bronze)

Squirrel: 25$ (iron, black); 30$ (bronze)

Sloth: 25$ (iron, black); 30$ (bronze)

Banana Slug: 25$ (iron, black); 30$ (bronze)

Quail: 25$ (iron, black); 30$ (bronze)

Log: 25$ (iron, black)

Bear: 35$ (iron, black),

Bison: 35$ (iron, black)

Sasquatch: 35$ (iron, black);40$ (bronze)

Moose: 40$ (iron, black)

*It may take me 2-3 days to get hooks ready if I don't have them made and in stock.

**Please note that my Aluminum and Bronze Hooks are limited as I have not been able to re-supply from the USA.

Packaged Hooks:

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