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Making a Hook! Molding and Casting How-To

I recently recorded the process of making a hook. Split in three parts, I look at setting up a mold, the actual molding process and cold casting in iron.

P1: Creating a 1-Part Silicone Mold Base

The 1-part mold is one of the most simple molds to make. The sculpture/hook has a flat back, and the resin will be poured in from the rear. I use foamboard as the base as it is strong, flat and can be easily glued. The foamboard 2nd layer acts as a basin to catch overflow resin, which is very handy to prevent messes!

P2: Creating a 1-Part Silicone Mold with Plaster Shell

Here I use Smooth On Mold-Max Stroke, a brush-on silicone which I find works excellent with Super Sculpey and with other clays. It is an economical way of saving rubber. Once the mold is made, my shell is created with plaster.

P3: Cold Casting and Finishing the Hook

This is the fun part, seeing the first cast come out of the mold! The Smooth-Cast ONYX Fast gives me about a two minute working time (including mixing), so there is no messing around. Pour the resin, brush it in to the mold and voila! From cast to finish, a hook usually takes me about 20 min.

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